Monday, June 20, 2016

by Al Blanchard 
and Adam Steinfeld


It's 1966 and Harry Houdini did not die forty years ago, as many people thought, he's been in hiding from his political enemies and is planning a dramatic comeback.

..."A most intriguing and entertaining premise - read the book, before you see the movie that has to follow!"  
  -John Fisher, acclaimed British TV producer, 
author of CARDINI, the Suave Deceiver
 Always Leave Them Laughing. 

...“historical fantasy, 

romance and intrigue tied into a taut false knot.” 
- Mike Caveney, author/publisher 
of Carter The Great, 
awarded the John Nevil Maskelyne 
award for literature by England's Magic Circle. 

...."Houdini alive and grooving in the sixties." 
Wayne Kawamoto,

..."Adam - I enjoyed the book very much - it's excellent, reading with an interesting twist - it should be a best seller." 

Sid Radner, foremost authority
on Houdini, Hardeen's protégé. 

"A new novel, Houdini Lives, asks...what if, Harry Houdini, world famous magician and escape artist, did not die on October 31, 1926." 
Tim Quinlin's
 Inside Magic

..."is a fun fictional novel that finds Houdini alive and well and living in 1966, Miami Beach".
 -John Cox 
Wild About Harry Houdini blog. 

..."this murder mystery features the 1966 return of Harry Houdini who was thought to have died forty years earlier." 
-Ronald E. Gray, 
Houdini in a Milk Can. 

"Houdini Lives! novel is destined for greatness, I can easily visualize it as a movie."
 Dr. Mark Horowitz
one of the largest Magic Collections in the world. 

"Thumbs up to writers, Al Blanchard and Adam Steinfeld for delivering us a thriller that's fun and mysterious and works on every level." 
Bret Gorenberg
THIS IS Sixties doc.
copyright, MMXVII-Adam Steinfeld