Sunday, August 28, 2005


PHOTO: Renowned magician, comedian, writer, filmmaker Adam Steinfeld (L) joined by magic dancer Debby (R), and writer, Al Blanchard (C) , author of the Steve Asher Mystery series, the James Callahan Mysteries, and a collection of short stories called ‘the Stalker and other Tales of Love & Murder’ celebrate the completion of their novel Houdini Lives! produced magically on stage by Steinfeld at his MagicLive! casino show, in Aruba.

Houdini Lives! a novel, first written as a film-script, in 2002 (working two years over the internet), this final version of the novel completed in August, 2004, then Al past away unexpectedly, in November, just a few months later, in Boston, attending a Mystery Writers conference , this is his 6th novel, & Adam Steinfeld 2nd book.

Blanchard & Steinfeld's novel takes up where Houdini left off, an outstanding, fantastic original idea, a must read! Perfect as a novel, broadway play or feature film.

VIDEO CLIP of two scenes, cameo of novelist Al Blanchand's acting debut in ARUBA: Knock 'em Dead, shot on the tropical island of Aruba in 2003. Adam Steinfeld (in gorilla cage), Evelien Yutte as magicians assistant.


Photo Caption;
(R) Harry Houdini, escape artist magician, movie star and
(L) Charlie Chaplin, silent screen star, take a moment off to pose for the camera, at the Lasky studio's in Nov. 1919, now Paramount studios.

Harry Houdini (born Ehrich Weiss in Budapest) is best known as a legendary magician and escape artist, but later on in his career he appeared in a few silent action-adventure films from the late 1910s through the early '20s. He even produced a few of these films, such as The Man from Beyond (1922). ~ Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide.

Houdini 1953 feature film, starring Tony Curtis & Janet Leigh, a huge blockbuster for it's time, produced by George Pal. Many major motion pictures of the great Houdini created over the years, but still none of them compare to this 1953 classic .

Makin' A Movie
Illusionist, magician/comedian, writer Adam Steinfeld turns filmmaker summer 2003. While appearing in his show at the Alhambra Casino in Aruba, he's producing, directing, and acting in "Knock 'Em Dead", an independent production written by mystery writer/novelist Al Blanchard. The plots simple; Magic show assistant, Angelique Cool is the prime suspect in the murder of Adam Steinfeld...but who is the mysterious film-maker who lures her to Aruba's California lighthouse, the scene of the crime?

PHOTO Caption:
Screenwriter Al Blanchard (left), who plays L.A. movie director Sam; Adam Steinfeld (in gorilla cage), who actually directs Knock 'Em Dead; and Sharina Mackay
(second from right) who plays murder suspect,
Angelique Cool.

Photo Caption;
Magician/Illusionist/escape artist, Adam Steinfeld with his Houdini Water Torture Tank of Death,
Houdini's original invention, although there's nothing supernatural about it. Steinfeld takes a photo on his world tour in summer 1999 travels all over the east coast from Boston, New York, New Jersey, Conn., Vermont, Pittsburg & Phildelphia, Biloxi, Miss, USA to traveling 7 thousand miles to Hong Kong, China performing Houdini's most sought after illusion, in front of 3 thousand people in Christmas 2000,

check out live video of Hong Kong performance below.