Saturday, March 24, 2007

Leave Houdini's grave alone!

Magician, Adam Steinfeld, Co-author of Houdini Lives! Believes Opening Houdini's Grave Will Risk the Wrath of Houdini's Spirit!

by Bret Gorenberg

MIAMI BEACH, FL. Let HOUDINI rest-in-peace, or risk the wrath of Houdini's spirit, says novelist Adam Steinfeld, co-author of HOUDINI LIVES! (, "I don't think they should exume Houdini's body, what kind of b.s. is this? " Refering to recent news reports of digging up Houdini's grave at Machpehla Cemetary. Steinfeld added, "Houdini is considered by some cultures to be god-like, you never know what the wrath of Houdini's spirit might bring. Leave the body alone, let him rest in peace."

And, what if the coffin is empty and Houdini didn't die back in 1926? What if indeed.

Adam Steinfeld, magician-writer is the co-author of HOUDINI LIVES! a novel, a supernatural thriller, who along with New England writer, Al Blanchard (the Steve Asher Mystery Series, Tales of Love & Murder) create a world in which Houdini did not die, but faked his death and is hiding out from his politcal enemies trying kill him, their novel of fiction lately, seems to be turning into fact . First drafted as a film-script in 2002, then the first draft of novel complete in 2004, and finalized in 2006. ( details a life forty years after Houdini's death.

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