Monday, September 18, 2017

the Stanford and Solea story
Al Blanchard and Adam Steinfeld

GENRE: romantic thriller, historical fiction
LOCATION: set in 1966, Miami Beach

On glitzy Miami Beach, in 1966, world famous escape artist, magician, Harry Houdini did NOT die forty years ago, as many people thought, but is planning a dramatic comeback. Who are these enemies from the 1920s and why are they still trying to kill him? Can Stanford, the young hip, new wave magician and his psychic magic assistant, Solea save his life? Houdini lives or dies is only a matter of time.

                                                   ABOUT THE WRITERS

New England crime novelist, author of The Steve Asher Mystery Series, The Disappearance of Jenna Drago, the James Callahan Mysteries & a Collection of short stories called The Stalker and Other Tales of Love & Murder and many more. And the former President of, the Mystery Writers of America - New England Chapter. 

filmmaker/magician, director several shorts in film-festivals; Houdini...talks Houdini, Co-author of the novel/  film script, Houdini Lives!, Yo Houdini, Magic Island, Ask Madame Wonder? and long running, Magic Live!®, grand illusions comedy show, at island resort casino, studied to be a filmmaker, Bachelor of Arts, Univ. of Miami. 

(Left) magician/director, Adam Steinfeld, and (center) novelist, Al Blanchard celebrate
on stage, at the Magic Live! show, the first publication of  their novel Houdini Lives!