Sunday, August 28, 2005

Photo Caption;
(R) Harry Houdini, escape artist magician, movie star and
(L) Charlie Chaplin, silent screen star, take a moment off to pose for the camera, at the Lasky studio's in Nov. 1919, now Paramount studios.

Harry Houdini (born Ehrich Weiss in Budapest) is best known as a legendary magician and escape artist, but later on in his career he appeared in a few silent action-adventure films from the late 1910s through the early '20s. He even produced a few of these films, such as The Man from Beyond (1922). ~ Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide.

Houdini 1953 feature film, starring Tony Curtis & Janet Leigh, a huge blockbuster for it's time, produced by George Pal. Many major motion pictures of the great Houdini created over the years, but still none of them compare to this 1953 classic .

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